Controversial Author Believes The New Testament Makes A Liar of Christ

‘Jesus Lied. He Was Only Human’ is CJ Werleman’s much anticipated follow up to his debut and bestseller ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back’. In this latest full frontal assault on popular religious doctrine, Werleman applies the tools of textual criticism to highlight the irreconcilable discrepancies, contradictions, dubious origins, historical, geographical, and human flaws of the New Testament.

Written in CJ’s familiar laconic and humorous fashion, he has achieved, again, what few before him have succeeded in doing: making theological examination funny and entertaining, while remaining enlightening and reverent.

Expectedly, Christian readers will be shocked and mortified to discover the extent of evident textual flaws, on which their faith is based, especially those that believe in biblical inerrancy, whereas non-believers will shrill with delight, and, undoubtedly, be eager to reference each and every page to their respective evangelical family and friends.

“This book is not some kind of murky conspiracy theory”, says CJ, “the evidence for the lies that Jesus and his biographers told, the embellishment of created myth and handed down hearsay, are easily demonstrated when you lay the books of the New Testament side-by-side with one another.”

‘Jesus Lied. He Was Only Human’ uncovers not only the theological and narrative contradictions of the New Testament authors, it makes a thorough examination of the origins of Christianity, the authorship of the New Testament, the corruption of the faith’s founders and manuscript scribes, and how all pieced together, the myth construction is exposed for all to see.

When asked how does this book differ from ‘God Hates You. Hate Him Back’, Werleman commented, “Completely contrasting approaches. My first book is a poke fun of the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, to demonstrate that if the God of the Bible were, in fact, a sentient being, he’d be an evil, capricious, malevolent, genocidal, misogynistic bully, and, most certainly, an entity worthy of our contempt and disdain rather than subservient praise. The objective of ‘Jesus Lied’, however, is to expose the Messiah myth, and that this can be achieved with little more than the few hundred pages of the New Testament before you.”

Unlike his first book, which by CJ’s own admission is a song sheet for atheists, agnostics, and anti-theists, ‘Jesus Lied’ will appeal to Christians as a means of examining the roots of their faith, and an introduction to lay textual criticism. For the non-believers, it will be powerful armory for rigorous religious debate.


“Jesus Lied – He Was Only Human: Debunking The New Testament” by CJ Werleman is available from Amazon and all good bookshops




‘Jesus Lied. He Was Only Human’ is arguably the most comprehensive and exhaustive debunking of the Christian myth on bookshelves today. Like a forensic accountant, Werleman meticulously pulls apart the New Testament thread-by-thread until the greatest lie ever told if exposed for all to see. Werleman not only reveals the suffering – Jesus caused his early followers, he cleverly demonstrates that the New Testament is brimming with contradictory views, conflicting accounts, historical flaws, and irreconcilable discrepancies. Comprehensive. Funny. Entertaining. A must read for anyone who wants to silence their evangelical friends.

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In 2005 CJ Werleman experienced, first-hand, the appalling religiously motivated terrorist attacks on Bali. This further motivated him to warn his fellow humans of the perils of religious faith over common sense. He is a contributing columnist to the Bangkok Post and has been published in  Inside Business Success. Follow him at

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